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Painters Frock,  Zebra Print

Painters Frock, Zebra Print

maxjenny! presents: Advanced Contemporary Fashion-Nordic Artwear

This frock is actually a copy of my mum´s true workwear-her own painters frock when working in her screenprinting studio.
She has been asked for years if she could sell the coat, but no :-) And she has had several, equally good looking.
I have always thought that you looked cool in this coat so one day I decided to copy it and here it is!
It has large pockets on sides and it closes with push buttons.
Now it has become the total statement coat. Supercool open as a frock but also buttoned down as a dress and the tags on the back makes it easy to have it straight down or knotted together so you get it smaller and more open.
You decide. Made out of 100% nicely woven viscose
1200 DKK720 DKK